Towards stealth networks: fundamental limits and algorithms for stealth communications

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Sponsor: National Science Foundation under Award 1527387 

The widespread development of communication networks has profoundly transformed our society, with significant increase in productivity and efficiency. However, the beneficial aspects of this increased connectivity are now also counterbalanced by the ease with which malicious individuals can interfere or tamper with sensitive data and information. The past decade has thus witnessed a growing concern for the issues of privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of communications. In many instances, the users in a communication network now find themselves in a position in which they wish to communicate but without being detected by others. The proposed research activities focus on the problem of achieving stealth communications, i.e., communicating without being detected. The objective of the proposed research is lay the foundation of a comprehensive framework enabling the analysis of the fundamental limits of stealth communications and the development of explicit low-complexity algorithms for stealth communication. Concrete goals towards achieving these objectives include 1) developing information-theoretic tools enabling the systematic analysis of stealth communications over a wide range of channel models with and without secret keys; 2) designing algorithms for stealth communication that will be implemented on experimental wireless and optical testbeds.

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Talk given at the Nexus of Information and Computation now available on YouTube

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