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Name Position
Prof Matthieu R. Bloch Lab Director
Mr. Guillaume Frèche Ph.D. Student
Mr. Keerthi Arumugam Ph.D. Student
Mr. Ishaque Ashar Ph.D. Student
Mr. Merhdad Tahmasbi Ph.D. Student
Former members
Dr. Anne Savard Postdoctoral Researcher, now Assistant Professor at Telecom Lilles
Dr. Rémi A. Chou Ph.D. Student, now Postdoc at Penn State
Dr. Alex J. Pierrot Ph.D. Student, now Senior System Engineer at Qualcomm
Prof. Laura Luzzi Postdoctoral Researcher, now Assistant Professor at ENSEA
Dr. Francesco Renna Visiting Ph.D. Student, now Research Associate at University of Cambridge
Mr. Lo Kung Ling Visiting UG Student
Mr. Alan Dong UG Student, now Grad Student at UC Berkeley